Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is an MMO strategy game set in Medieval times. Starting with a single castle, you'll gradually progress your civilization across the world to create a thriving empire. It's free-to-play in your web browser, no download required, so get started and join an alliance today!

Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire has nurtured an online community of gamers over the many years since the game's inception. Along with an impressive list of features to keep you busy, there are frequent big updates that keep the gameplay fresh, and a collaborative online community of gamers unique to Empire.

Build an Empire
In the beginning, you start with a castle. From there, there are over 60 buildings for you to construct, with multiple upgrade levels for both buildings and units. It can take time to build a genuinely epic kingdom, but it doesn't stop with the first fortress. You can expand your Empire to new regions of the map when you've built up your primary base. There's also a range of attractive aesthetic touches to decorate your Empire and make it yours.

Fight in Battles
In Medieval times, you can't have friends without enemies. This is a time of empires fighting for dominance, and you'll be expected to partake in battle. Empire features a strategic and versatile battle system and over 50 military units to utilize. You can even customize equipment and items to fine-tune your warfare capabilities. Keep your army well-fed and strong, then challenge other players to exciting battles.

Join the Community
Goodgame Empire features a unique alliance and pact system that allows you to join up with other players. Not only is this socially rewarding, but you also receive several perks from joining alliances that are beneficial when starting. Being in an alliance can speed up building times, attack speed, and crucially provide a friendly community to be part of!

As well as having a community of over 80 million players worldwide, there are regular updates and in-game events to keep the game engaging and help you become the ultimate KING!

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Game Trailer:

​    Build your own Empire from scratch
    Forge alliances and engage in strategic battles
    Community of over 80-million players
​    Free-to-play in your web browser

    Web browser

Original Release Date
Empire was released in 2011, but the game has received a multitude of updates since that time.